Back in Action!

Dear readers,

I don’t usually post “personal” messages, but I would like to issue a quick apology for my long absence from this site. Since my last post, I have been plunged into the work of finishing my graduating thesis (written in the quite unrelated area of the history of science). That work involved a hefty dose of blood, sweat, and tears, so regrettably my work on this site was placed on the proverbial back seat for several months.

The good news, though, is that I have since completed my thesis and received my degree from the University of British Columbia! As such, I am now able to return to educating myself as an investor—which means I can finally get back to expanding this site’s knowledge-base too . Indeed, I actually have a large backlog of content that has been in Editing Purgatory for several months, so expect to see that come online in the coming days and weeks.

A quick update before I sign off: since February of this year, I have begun work as a contributing author for one of my long-time favourite financial education resources: Investopedia.com. I have been given permission to cross-post my Investopedia articles here on VancouverValueInvesting, so you can expect to see a much wider variety of content on the site soon.

Last but not least, I am in the early stages of expanding this site to include multiple authors. As soon as I’ve got more news on that front, you’ll be the first to know.

Happy Investing,


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