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Jason Fernando

Welcome to Vancouver Value Investing!

Our names are Jason Fernando and Daehan Choi, and we’re value investors based in Vancouver, BC.

We are both extremely passionate about investing, so we are avid readers of financial statements, articles, and books about the subject. But when we started out, we found that much of the material out there was very dense and difficult to grasp.

We started this site to provide a resource for others who are interested in learning about value investing while keeping unnecessary jargon to a minimum.


Daehan Choi

Most people find our site through our comprehensive set of chapter summaries for Benjamin Graham’s The Intelligent Investor, which Warren Buffett described as “by far the greatest book on investing ever written.” We fully agree.

Going forward, we’re excited to expand on this base of content by sharing insights and lessons that we’ve learned from our journey as investors. Some of the specific content areas that we want to explore include:

  • “Mr. Market” Series. A series of articles on investor (read: human) psychology, seeking to provide insight into the fascinating question of why value investing strategies are effective. 
  • Hidden Leverage Series. Focusing in on some of the less obvious sources of competitive advantage, such as the use of insurance floats in Warren Buffett’s investment career. 
  • Fundamentals Series. A series addressing some of the fundamental questions that each of us were afraid to ask when we started learning about investing! Questions such as: 
      • What is value investing?
      • What determines the market price of a share?
      • How do you know if something is overvalued or undervalued?
      • How do businesses fundamentally work?
      • How do I read and understand financial statements?
      • What’s so special about Warren Buffett?
      • What’s the big deal about compound interest?



In our opinion, “stupid questions” like these are actually some of the most revealing and intelligent questions one can ask. We want to give them the serious attention they deserve, because having a solid foundation of understanding around these questions and others like them can (literally) pay dividends over time.

If you have questions or comments about what we have written, or suggestions for articles that you would find especially interesting, please feel free to drop us a line. And if you notice a mistake in our content, let us know and we will happy to credit you for the correction!

We also love meeting readers, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you find yourself in Vancouver. We have actually made some close personal friendships out of people contacting us through the site, so keep those emails coming!

We hope our website will be an asset to you in your investing journey.

Happy investing,

Jason Fernando and Daehan Choi